Welcome to KBucket

KBucket stands for Knowledge Buckets! A place for you to curate and share your research. Creating an account and sharing your content is free. We reserve the right to reject abusive and offensive content!

Using KBucket is simple. Here are the general concepts and ways to navigate and use this site.

Front Page

The Front page is setup as a search page. Each search hit will point you to a KBucket research page that contains your search terms.

The tag cloud on the front page will filter those KBucket pages indexed by that term.

Search Results Page

On the search results page you will see a list of KBucket’s with your search term, followed by a list hits per KBucket page.  The search list is sorted based on popularity of the page!

Based on your interest and intent, you can now choose the KBucket page you want to explore.

You can learn more about the KBucket page, by hovering over the author to learn about their background and interest.

KBucket Search Page – Author Info

KBucket Pages

KBucket pages, is where Kauthors will curate, organize and share their research.  Each page is organized in Multiple Groups (tabs on top) and each group gives you access to multiple channels.

Within each channel you get a set of articles, curated, commented and tagged by the author. You can quickly filter articles using the tag cloud on the left, or by clicking on the tags in the article.

KBucket Page

A KBucket page is a reference for your research, a way for you to learn from experts and learn about topics and events in a very efficient way.

Become an Author

We have just launched this site. Registering and posting your content is free.  There are many reasons you may want to start curating. Here are a few good reasons

Curate for your own reference

You love to read and inform yourself about certain topics and are looking for better ways to remember and index your favorite articles. By curating your interest you can quickly find your favorite links to share on social media, or access them from your mobile devices.

Curate to promote your brand

You have a company, you are a journalist, a student, a specialist and you want to share your knowledge and show people the breath and depth of your knowledge.

Each link you share from your page, will lead the visitor to your page and your research.

Become a Kauthor

Kauthor’s are people who curate and share their research on KBucket.  Its really easy to get started. Simply download our free and powerful tool and start curating.

Everytime you search for content you deem valuable, or you see an article that you like and want to reference, simply curate and organize it with either our Chrome extension (Kurator), or our Multi-Tab Browser interface for Waterfox called (KBrowser). Don’t let your effort’s go to waste. Share your knowledge with the world!

To get started, simply launch your Firefox browser and install the plugin. You can get more detail on KBrowser and how to use it by going to the Optimal Access website.

To download the extension click on the download button:

If you are interested in a demo, or like to license the KBucket platform for your company sign up below: