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8 Apr 2010

Net Neutrality Is Anti-Consumer

Turn on your TV these days and within minutes you are likely to see several commercials from your local cable, satellite, or telecommunications company trying to convince you that their cable, DSL, or mobile broadband services are superior to those of their competitors. That s because the market for broadband service is robustly competitive: If service providers didn t advertise, they would lose business. They would also lose business if they did something that made their customers unhappy, such as slowing or blocking the delivery of popular content over the Internet. Or they might gain customers if they created a model that, for a fee, guaranteed uninterrupted high-speed access to certain services, such as telemedicine, video conferencing, or some other use of the Internet we have yet to imagine. This competition directs broadband toward its most efficient uses. It is pro-consumer in that it allows for the proliferation of choices and pressures companies to offer a variety of pricing options. It would be a huge mistake to impose by fiat a single business model on the carrier side of the Internet. Yet that is precisely what the proponents of net neutrality want the government to do. Specifically, they want the government to prohibit broadband providers (such as Comcast) from discriminating against content providers (such as Google) by, for instance, charging them different rates for different levels of network service. They argue that, in the absence of such regulation, broadband providers can act as self-appointed censors, slowing down or blocking content they don t like. Keep in mind that in no instance has this actually happened. So far, broadband providers have acted only to slow down noisome bandwidth hogs in order to manage traffic and ensure a high quality of service for the majority of their customers. Net-neutrality proponents counter that other customers -- those unhappy about the slowdowns -- lack meaningful options; that is, that the market for broadband service is not sufficiently competitive. Net-ne
Turn on your TV these days and within minutes you are likely to see several commercials from your local cable,...

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