My fellow KBucketeers,

Welcome to a new concept in search; welcome to the internet’s first User Authored Search Content, welcome to the new world of KBucket and The KBucketeers.

We all know that searching the Internet is a challenge – too much information and too little relevance. We, at KBucket, got to thinking about how we could address this challenge, about how to make all that information more relevant to you. And so was born the concept of User Authored Search Content.

The idea is simple enough: people searching on a topic, in most cases, don’t know where and what to search for. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could tap into someone else’s knowledge. Well, you can now.

KBucket’s mission is to create a community of KBucketeers helping each tap into the others’ knowledge for the benefit of all, so that we can search faster, more efficiently the Internet for information relevant to us.

But here’s the thing. Know that you are at the beginning of an exciting revolution and we need your help.

KBucket is calling for all you experts, researchers and enthusiasts who have spent hours organizing, commenting and tagging search results to publish your search knowledge as KAuthors, joining forces with our existing KAuthors who are currently publishing. The more KAuthors we have the broader and deeper the content available for those coming to the site to search.

If you are new to KBucket, remember that this is an organic process; it will take time for the content to grow. If you do not find what you are looking for, we recommend that you sign-up to become a KAuthor, or check back with us frequently to monitor how your subject is currently covered. We are confident that in time you too will become a KBucketeer and valuable member of the Kbucket community.

Please read the New to KBucket link to learn more about how KBucket works. You can also visit the site to download the KAuthor browser also known as Optimal Desktop.

Even if you don’t want to author a KBucket immediately, we know that you will be impressed with Optimal Desktop as a browser so do not hesitate to try it - it’s free. You can always publish a KBucket when you are ready.

As we grow, mature and expand our services, know that I am always available to receive your suggestions and criticisms as I believe that this is an integral part of any healthy community. You can send me an email or participate in our blog and forum discussions which are currently under construction.

Thank you for visiting and welcome again my fellow KBucketeers.

Karan Bavandi
Founder and KBucketeer