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About Kbucket

What are Kbuckets?
KBucket is a platform for hosting your curated research. K stands for knowledge, so you are sharing your knowledge with the world. Anyone can register and publish their research on this platform. Each KBucket page is organized into Groups and Channels. Each Channel can store hundreds of links, tagged by Category, author and Publisher for easy navigation. You can share list, directories and interesting articles on any topic.

How can my Page be found?
KBucket is a search site. Each KBucket page has a specific set of tags. The category tag on the front page is made of these tags. Users can either navigate through the category tags or search for their interest. Search results are organized by the occurrence of search terms in the page name, group and channel names, then titles, tags and description.

Search Pages
Here is an example of a search result on the KBucket Page. The occurrence of the search term in headers takes precedence over search terms in the description of the article.

KBucket Pages
Once you register, you are prompted to enter your information on your dashboard. This information is always displayed on your page. Your page is organized into groups and channels by you. Each article you curate should be tagged by Category, Publisher and Author tags. These tags are displayed in the sidebar. If your articles are missing images, you have an opportunity to load your own image from the dashboard. Choose a 6:4 aspect ratio for best results.

How do I become a Kauthor?
You need to download our Kauthor browser extension for Firefox. With Kauthor you can create a custom research dashboard straight in your browser, by pinning and grouping all of your favorite websites and curating your articles in one or more “curation folders” . To learn more about Kauthor and how to use it visit our website here. Kauthor is free.

Can I use KBucket on my website?
The short answer is yes. We have a plugin for WordPress that lets you upload KBucket pages directly in your Website. If your website is not built on WordPress, you can always create a subdomain and host the KBucket page on there. If you have any questions, contact us.

Why should I curate with Kauthor?
Kauthor is a very flexible tool. Most curation solutions integrate discovery and publishing in one solution. We believe that discovery can happen anytime and on any page, so we have created a tool that lets you organize tens of information sources the way you work. Additionally desktop based folders make it much easier to search and re-organize your research. Give it a try, you will never do without it. Download Kauthor here and get started.


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